Alistair Walton is an Edinburgh based figurative artist. After a career in senior financial management with a global financial services organisation, Alistair embarked on a new career in oil painting. Although with no formal training, he has been extremely fortunate to be tutored by the exceptionally talented Dylan Lisle, one of Scotland’s foremost figurative artists. Under Dylan’s tutelage, the emphasis in Alistair’s work has been on representational accuracy, technique and the development of interesting images. Following successful solo exhibitions, Alistair has been approached by a new gallery which will open later in the year to take his work - more to follow when the gallery opens.

From the beginning of his new career, Alistair was drawn to painting the human figure. For the most part, his paintings are of a single figure in space with simplified, uncluttered backgrounds allowing focus to fall on the figure. He is developing a distinctive and expressive style, engaging the viewer whether through the interplay of light and shade, movement of the figure or curiosity about the subject. The figures are often portrayed as confident, assertive and in control but sometimes display a vulnerability.

Alistair’s paintings mainly employ an updated version of ‘the mixed technique’ which dates back to the Renaissance and the Old Masters. After drawing the composition onto canvas, a detailed monochrome under-painting is executed. Layers of coloured transparent glazes are then applied. This style of painting is particularly well suited to exploring the drama of light and shade and delivers more depth, solidity and subtlety of colour despite the use of a restricted palette. To make the most of the interplay of light and shade, the model is posed in strong artificial light.

More recently, Alistair has explored alla prima painting, painting directly onto canvas without an initial under-painting or subsequent glazes. This also opens up the possibility of combining these two techniques on one canvas.